SERF | Terms and Conditions

SERF 2018 – General Terms & Conditions and Information for both Visitors and Exhibitors.

  1. The Event.
  2. Southern Electronics and Radio Fair – SERF 2018
    1. Date Sunday the 6th of May, 2018
    2. Setup Times.
      1. Exhibitor Setup, Saturday 1700-2200 | Sunday 0800-0930
      2. Exhibitor Breakdown, Sunday 1600.
      3. Sunday Boot Setup, Sunday 0830-0930
    3. Public Times
      1. Public Opening, Sunday 1000-1600.
    4. Overnighters Times​
      1. Camping/Caravanning Exhibitor, Saturday 1700 through to Sunday 1800. (times may vary slightly)
      2. Camping/Caravanning Visitor, Saturday 1700 through to Sunday 1700. (times may vary slightly)
    5. Location – Eastbourne Sports Park, Cross Levels Way, Eastbourne, BN21 2UF.  Details shown here
      1. Emergency Park Number +44 1323 649214 or Dave Williams G8PUO +44 78 0707 4538
      2. Older Sat Nav may incorrectly direct you to the Hospital side of the college park, see SERF sign posts or follow Sports Park Signs.
      3. Main Park GPS Lat 50.789874 | Lon 0.272037 or 50 47’23.55 N 0 16’19.33 E.
      4. Easy access off Cross Levels Way (by Sainsbury’s/David LLoyds) and lies at the rear of Eastbourne District General Hospital.
      5. No access is possible to the Sports Park via the Hospital grounds.
    6. Motorhome/Caravan access
      1. Motorhome and Caravans have a separate vehicle access for site safety, which will be sign-posted and details provided.
      2. Motorhomes and Caravans ONLY, please use Postcode BN21 2UF.  Details shown here
    7. Car Boot and Table Top car access is via Postcode BN22 9QR.   Map.
  3. Exhibitors and Visitors.
    1. The term Exhibitors refers to all companies, sole traders, personal sellers, clubs, societies, groups, education and other organisations booking space at the Fair.
    2. The term Visitors refers to anyone attending the event, whom are not Exhibiting.
  4. Disturbance. 
    1. Any person found causing grievance, providing bad language or aggressive disturbance or behaviour to any other SERF organisers, Exhibitors or Visitors, will be asked to leave the SERF event with immediate effect.
  5. Accommodation.
    1. On-site facilities that allow for camping, caravanning and motorhome stay is available to both Exhibitors and Visitors. This is strictly subject to availability.
    2. No mains power will be provided to the camping/tent area within the sports park track arena.
    3. Small personal BBQ’s maybe used but NO hot trays are allowed directly on the grass as sports grass area and this will mark/burn the grass.
    4. Pets are allowed in camping area but please remember this is a sports park and equally children maybe in the area.  All mess MUST be cleared up. All pets must be tied up or secured and not allowed to roam freely within the main park area.  Their are plenty of large fields surrounding the park, which can be used for walks etc.
    5. The Eastbourne Sports Park shower and toilet facilities will be available for both Exhibitors and Visitors.
      1. Male and female are separated.
      2. Disabled facilities are available.
      3. Please remove all personal clothing, products and rubbish, from these facilities when leaving.
      4. Anyone found abusing or causing damage to these facilities will be asked to leave the SERF event with immediate effect.
    6. Please ensure you remove all waste and rubbish, either to a designated bin, or take away with you.
    7. Sainsbury’s are located within easy walking distance from the event for cash machine or general purchases.
  6. Booking.
    1. All bookings are to be placed using the online Booking form
    2. Exhibitors may book tables to be provided by the Organisers (at an extra cost), or provide their own.
    3. A table is defined as 1800mm by 750mm. If an Exhibitor intends to use tables of a different size this must be stated in the notes on the online booking form.
    4. In the event of a booking being cancelled the Organisers will refund 50% up to 6 weeks prior to the event and thereafter Exhibitors will be liable for the full fee. The Organisers also reserve the right to re-allocate the space in any way they see fit.
  7. The Sports Hall.
    1. Exhibitors shall be liable for any damage to the Hall and the rest of the site including tables and chairs provided by the Organisers. Particular attention is drawn to the “Plexipave” tennis court surface in the hall which must be protected from table legs and other heavy items.
    2. A small charge will be levied for the use of mains power on the site, Exhibitors may avoid this by providing their own with sealed (such as Gel or AGM) 12v batteries.
    3. Exhibitors must keep to their defined space. No overspill into gangways will be permitted.
    4. Fire exits must be kept clear at all times.
    5. All cables to be kept behind Exhibitors tables and within the defined space. Routing of extension cables to power sockets and aerial feeds may only be carried out under the supervision of a Steward.
    6. Exhibitors must wear their passes at all times. Passes are not transferable.
    7. Exhibitors shall be responsible for removing their own waste from the site.
    8. Exhibitors are advised to have their own insurance. The Organisers will not be liable for loss, damage or injury.
    9. Please note that there is no smoking (including eCigarettes), anywhere in the buildings but will be permitted in a designated area outside.
  8. Exhibitor setting up and breaking down.
    1. Organisers and Stewards will be on site from 07:30 on the Sunday, also set up on Saturday evening but by prior arrangement only or unless otherwise directed.
    2. Loading and unloading will be under the direction of the Stewards. All vehicles must be in the designated Exhibitors parking areas by 09:30.
    3. No visitors will be allowed into the main hall site and no trading is allowed before 10:00.
    4. No loading of vehicles will be allowed until all the visitors have left the site. Any exceptions will be at the Organisers discretion and also subject to the availability of Stewards to supervise.
    5. Exhibitors with Organiser provided tables are asked to assist by folding and stacking them where directed by the Stewards when packing up.
    6. SERF accept no liability, or responsibility, for any damage, losses or thefts from stands or vehicles, inside or outside.
  9. Health & Safety.
    1. Exhibitors must read and adhere to the Health and Safety document which will be forwarded to them.
  10. Sports Facilities.
    1. On the day(s) of the event there may be other users of the sports facilities using the reception and changing room areas. Exhibitors are kindly asked not to impede them in any way.
  11. Radio Station
    1. The SERF Radio Station is open to all licenced operators. (please bring along a copy of your licence).
    2. The event callsign of GB6SRF maybe used (please enter details in the logbook), or you may use your own callsign.
    3. Night time operation maybe available but only using personal callsigns.
    4. We ask all operators to respect, and be considerate to, any other operator(s) using the equipment.
    5. Any damage to the Radio Station equipment will be followed up through a personal damage claim.
  12. Radio Operating
    1. Due to the SERF Radio Station being in use throughout the event, we ask that you respect these operators and restrict any additional radio operation within the park where possible, or use bands not in use.
  13. Changes to event or cancellation.
    1. The Organisers reserve the right to change the date/venue or even cancel if circumstances out of their control (fire,flood, act of God etc.) make this necessary. In this case the Organisers shall not be liable and no refunds will be given.
    2. If the event has to be cancelled for commercial reasons i.e. lack of bookings, then a full refund will be given.

Document Ref: DW Dec 29th, 2017